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Our team has the edge when it comes to IT advice and support in the Print and Publishing sector. Having worked within the print and publishing industry for many years, we have developed an in depth understanding of the diverse issues and processes involved with IT integration. 

Why Choose Conformedia?

Cohesive and Streamlined Structure

We will consolidate your systems, bringing studio, offices and production together in one cohesive and streamlined structure.

Cohesive and Streamlined Structure

Cross Platform

We are equally knowledgeable across all platforms, whether Mac, PC or Unix, allowing us to work and integrate with your entire network. All users will enjoy the same high level of professional advice and support.

Print and Publishing Experience

We work with many publishing companies and have extensive experience delivering solutions to printers and publishers.

Industry and cross platform knowledge allows us to eliminate duplication within your network; one back up system, storage area, robust security system and one comprehensive disaster recovery programme - saving you time and money.

Understanding your industry allows to better integrate your systems, removing the need for new hardware for each different service. Enabling you to make full use of all your platforms and as a result receive a better return on investment. 

Return on Investment

Clients include:

specialist printers


Better Integration with your print IT systems

how we made it happen

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