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Conformedia has been providing specialist IT support to newspapers for many years. Our understanding of the daily challenges that newspapers face enables us to provide IT solutions that make a positive difference to the production cycle.


We understand the specialist workflow within a newspaper environment and have developed systems to assist and integrate within administrative, editorial, advertising and production departments. We become an extension of our clients’ team, taking full responsibility for all the IT systems, allowing them to get on with producing great newspapers. 

Why Choose Conformedia?

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We Understand Newspapers

Solutions for small

businesses with a

requirement for IT support,

but without the budget to employ permanent IT personnel. 

We Understand Newspapers

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Comprehensive Support


Help desk, infrastructure, telecoms, robust security system, comprehensive backup, Editorial, advertising and production workflows support and disaster recovery programmes.


Comprehensive Support

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We get Involved

Understanding the full newspaper production cycle means we can quickly get involved, suggest and implement better support and ROI.


We are Accountable for all your IT Systems

Front counter IT, back office systems, Editorial Systems, 

Ad Booking, Planning Team, 

Administrative IT, Security

and Disaster Recovery, Telecoms.


Return on Investment

Understanding your industry allows better integration, no need for new hardware for each different service. You can make full use of all your platforms and as a result receive a betterreturn on investment. 

Clients include:

Regional Newspapers
Local area directories

how we made it happen


Specialist IT support

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