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We look after your Macs

So you can concentrate on growing your business

One standardised ecosystem for both Macs and Windows


For many organisations it is often not cost or time effective to have internal IT resources dedicated solely to providing Mac support. This is where Conformedia steps in to take away the headache and provide support for your Macs, regardless of whether they are in a Mac or a Windows heterogeneous environment.


We offer a range of services including helpdesk, integration support, consultancy, and installations.

Managed Service Provision (MSP) for Apple Mac 



Conformedia is an IT provider who supports any platform, including Windows and Mac users, so we are the ideal partner for marketing and media agencies, print companies or any organisation with a Mac team. 


Our complete package of IT services uniquely covers all aspects of Mac support. We help customers who are Mac only, cross platform, as well as specialising in supporting Mac teams within larger enterprise Microsoft environments.

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MSP - A great solution

MSP is a great solution to ensure your systems are fully  managed, secure, up-to-date and proactively supported.

  • Helpdesk and remote support.

  • Easing the load for internal IT teams.

  • Enterprise level integration support.

  • Flexible packages to accommodate onboarding of new staff or removing leavers.

  • JAMF Pro enterprise level service provision. No minimum user requirement.

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JAMF Pro gives  you with full control of your Mac users' environment, regardless of their location. Hybrid and office-based users are all managed centrally, ensuring patching and compliance are up to date.

Leveraging JAMF Connect extends the benefits of single sign on, enabling users to login to their Macs with their MS365 login credentials, as your Windows users do. 

Utilising the power of JAMF, Conformedia can provide the link between your Macs and your Microsoft Entra environment, resulting in controlled, standardised access to all your MS cloud resources, such as M365 and cloud storage with Sharepoint and OneDrive.

  • Mac specialist service desk.

  • Full control over hybrid workers.

  • Microsoft Entra integration.

  • Single sign on. 

  • Central directory.

  • Organisation wide compliance.

  • Integrated centralised management. 


Tech as a Service (TaaS) for Mac

Combining MSP support with TaaS means you can also roll in IT infrastructure, hardware, software licensing and support into a low-cost monthly subscription. 


  • No capital expenditure; tax efficient monthly payments.

  • Simplified budgeting with a  single, all-inclusive monthly payment.

  • Our flexible packages accommodate changes in your business for example onboarding new staff or removing leavers.

How we can help

Let us sort out the technical stuff, so you can focus on the creativity…. 

Specialist support

Whatever your query, we can help you get to the bottom of the issue quickly.

Team training

Helping you become self-sufficient with your tech of choice


Helping you get the best out of your investments

"Conformedia make you feel comfortable and understanding the information is essential to making good decisions" 

Ian Fiddler, Head of Business Operations at Enjoy Digital.

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