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Supporting it for MACS

As an authorised JAMF MSP, Conformedia can provide JAMF as part of our MSP support offering, regardless of the size of your Mac department. 


Historically the JAMF product range were considered enterprise products, with JAMF Pro minimum of 25 users and hefty onboarding costs. Conformedia can offer the JAMF suite of products, with no minimum user count and no mandatory training. Bringing enterprise class device management to your Macs, regardless of the size of your Mac user base.


We manage all onboarding, deployment, patching and day-to-day support of your Macs, bringing the power of JAMF without the high cost of entry.

• JAMF Pro server in the cloud (JAMF Cloud) 

• Zero-touch enrolment and volume purchasing.

• Enterprise mobile device management (MDM)

• Full oversight and management of hybrid workers.

• Centralised software deployment.

• OS and software patch management.

• Centralised security and certificate management.

• MS Entra ID (Azure Active Directory) integration.

• Single Sign on with a single directory for your entire organisation.

• Compliance management with MS Purview (Azure Compliance).

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