Until recently you probably didn’t think your business needed an automated booking system. However increased restrictions on our working environments require new solutions.

We’d like to spotlight Microsoft Bookings, which is available to customers with a Microsoft 365 Business Standard and Premium.

This is an online and mobile app for businesses that want to provide services to customers on an appointment basis such as law firms, hairdressers, health practitioners etc.

  • There is a web-based booking page where your customers and clients can schedule appointments with the staff member. You can share the page directly with clients, via your FaceBook page or from your website

  • There are a set of web-based, business-facing pages where you can define appointment types, schedules and availability. It’s designed so you can customise to suit your business

  • The bookings calendar allows owners and administrators to see all of their appointments, access customer lists and contact information, and make manual bookings on the go.

Updated: 3 days ago

83% of IT managers agree that malware threats have become harder to stop over the last year. It’s never been more important to synchronise your IT security across the whole of your business. Using Sophos Synchronized Security enables security products to work dynamically together, making you more coordinated than the attackers.

Learn how PFK, Cumbrian Property and Land Services Group, invested in their IT infrastructure to support business growth. Their employees can now work effectively from any PFK office, the business has a comprehensive disaster recovery plan and their brand has been strengthened by the network of offices which are now working cohesively. The full story.

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