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Having the right IT systems and support is crucial, to protect your clients, your employees, and your law firm and ultimately your reputation from the increasing threats posed by cyber attacks. 

Whether you have little or no IT resources, we tailor an IT solutions that is right for you to keep your business secure, efficient and productive.

Why Choose Conformedia?

Secure IT Systems

Protection from cybercrime, making sure your IT systems are secured, up to date and proactively supported.

Secure IT Systems

Specialist Legal Software

We integrate specialist legal software including case management, digital dictation and accounting systems within your IT structure.

Secure Remote Working 

We can manage every aspect of your IT resources ensuring all systems are secure, regardless of device or location.

A monthly payment provides you with an affordable access to IT expertise, services and licensing equal to that of organisations with expensive IT departments.

Managed Service Provision

Understanding your industry allows us to better integrate your systems, removing the need for new hardware for each different service. Enabling you to make full use of all your platforms and as a result receive a better return on investment. 

Skilled Helpdesk

Clients include:

Legal Firms
Small Solicitors

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