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Mac in Enterprise 
Cross platform support  

Does your organisation have a predominantly Microsoft IT infrastructure but also have teams of Mac users? For many organisations it is often not cost or time effective to have internal IT resources dedicated solely to providing Mac support,  so this is where we step in.  We work with many internal IT teams with cross platform environments, providing daily support to the Mac users whilst ensuring the team are fully integrated within the overall IT infrastructure. 

Why Choose Conformedia?

Bespoke Solutions

We understand the issues faced by land and estate agents and have extensive experience helping clients in this area, allowing us to design and build bespoke solutions for this industry.

Mac integration at Building Society

Improved Operational Efficiences

Understanding the industry and branch requirements allows us to provide and support systems in the most efficient ways. Allowing centralisation and direct access for maximum ROI.

Future Proofing

Experience of the land agency businesses, with IT expertise allows us to supply systems appropriate for now and future expansion.


We eliminate duplication within your network, one back up system, one storage area, one robust security system and one comprehensive disaster recovery programme, saving you time and money.

Clients include:

Land agents
estate agents
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