Enjoy Digital, marketing agency in Leeds has a fluid structure, allowing staff to work from home, office or a combination of the two. 


Staff working from different locations on multiple devices, along with an increase in network traffic and the use of cloud-based services meant the organisation had increased its risk of becoming a target for a sophisticated, coordinated cyber-attack.


Conformedia introduced additional security measures by implementing Sophos Synchronised Security, a cyber security system where each component shares information and responds automatically to incidents and infections.

Using the remote deployment tool, ConnectWise Automate, part of the Connectwise Remote Monitoring and Management suite implemented by Conformedia. The Conformedia team rolled out the security software transparently to all users, regardless of location. The updates took place in the background, removing the old anti-virus software and replacing with the new. Meanwhile, the Enjoy Digital team continued to work without any disruption to their day.

Richard Twigger,  Technical Account Manager at Conformedia, explains why this is a perfect solution for organisations with remote workers. “We see one of the main advantages of a centrally managed solution is that an organisation doesn’t have to rely on individual employees to update their security protocols, which even with the best intentions can be patchy and protracted. We manage security centrally which means that all staff and every machine always has the latest security updates and maximum protection.

Should a machine be compromised (anywhere in the world) we can isolate it and contain the problem before it infects the rest of the organisation. It’s the most efficient way to protect a business with many sites and remote working.”

  • Out sourced IT enables business leaders to concentrate on building the business

  • Future proofed IT system to support further business growth

  • IT explanations made simple facilitating good decision making 

  • Accounts are attached in one active directory, making it easier to create and close accounts


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