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Complete it support package for solicitors, newman & bond




Legal firm, Newman & Bond LLP, was looking for a new IT partner. Their current supplier was no longer able to support their IT requirements. After approaching several businesses and legal firms for recommendations (an existing client recommended Conformedia), the firm engaged Conformedia. The firm’s Partners felt the team would be a good fit with the organisation as they understood their IT challenges, explained solutions clearly and made sensible recommendations to help support the business. They could also provide a complete IT package, including hardware and software and a helpdesk to support the business with day-to-day IT problems.


Along with MS 365, the firm relied on several specialist legal IT programs including case management software Tikit’s “Partner for Windows (Tikit P4W)” and “BigHand” digital dictation software. These systems provided the administrative backbone to the business so it was essential that any IT updates would integrate seamlessly.  


Data protection and system security were also in need of an upgrade to protect against increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.

Finally, the firm’s printing equipment had to be considered in any IT changes as reliable onsite document printing was fundamental to the smooth running of the offices.



Conformedia completed a full review and the following actions were taken to provide fully integrated, secure and resilient IT infrastructure:


  • Introduction of Sophos XG Firewall with Intercept X Antivirus and device encryption providing a comprehensive synchronised security system 


  • Updates were centrally managed (remotely from Conformedia) including patch management, reporting and inventory management to ensure workstations and IT systems across the firm were always up to date


  • The physical server was replaced with a virtual alternative


  • Workstations were replaced with Micro workstations running Windows 10


  • Conformedia took over the managed printer service, integrating the costs into their MSP provision. This provision ensured all IT systems were integrated and efficient, consumables were there when required and a printing facility was always available onsite.


  • IT support for the whole business

  • Complete security

  • Integration of IT systems with specialist case management software

  • Management of office printing equipment through MSP

  • Daily helpdesk support service

“Conformedia provides much more than our previous IT partner, providing support for the whole business. Previously if we had any IT problems we would have had to pay for extra help or make do.


We go to Conformedia for all our IT issues, large or small. Even if something may seem quite trivial it can have a big impact on us, but the team are always there to help out which is exactly what we need. Nothing is too much trouble for them, and they are really pleasant to work with."

Kiery Himsworth, Office Manager

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