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Synchronised security is top of the agenda for Media Agency


secure IT


Our client, a media and marketing agency, had problems with their IT security. The business firewall was not able to effectively protect against the threats of increasingly sophisticated, cyber-attacks. The threat was compounded by potential weaknesses in the system introduced by remote working. The agency’s antivirus software was also becoming increasingly unreliable.


An important consideration when updating the security system was accessibility for remote workers. Staff working from home needed to access servers, retrieve and share files quickly and efficiently.


Conformedia implemented two products from the Sophos Synchronised Security modular range:


Sophos Intercept X antivirus software which included protection against ransomware (an increasing threat to businesses)

Two Sophos firewalls to provide redundancy should one device fail 

The centrally managed security system was rolled out remotely using Connectwise Automate. With no interruption to the business, the whole organisation received updated protection

If the client decides to add further levels of protection, protocols can be set to only allow devices access to the server if they have the most up to date anti-virus software


A solution to ensure efficient working for all staff, regardless of location, but without compromising on the highest levels of IT security was required. 


As part of the firewall subscription, the agency received two free servers worth over £3000


The agency was completely protected against cyber-attacks and malware


A secure VPN provided seamless log in, swift access to files and efficient document share could be delivered irrespective of location


The centrally managed security enabled updates to be made remotely without any disruption to daily business


The agency had a scalable security solution to support the growing business 

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