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Supporting a small team of mac users at KIRKLEES council

Making IT Work for Macs


Kirklees Council, in West Yorkshire, is the local authority providing government services to the borough of Kirklees, the third largest metropolitan district in England. The council has a small internal creative team working on Apple Macs. Conformedia has provided the creative  team at Kirklees Council, with support for their Mac systems since 2010. 


As with many organisations with a cross platform user base, a predominately Microsoft IT infrastructure and a large number of Microsoft users eclipses a smaller Apple Mac team when it comes to receiving support internally. 


It is often not cost or time effective to have internal IT resources dedicated solely to providing Mac support, leaving Mac users isolated, lacking in development support and without access to a helpdesk with specialist Mac knowledge.


This was the case for the Mac users in the Graphic Unit at Kirklees Council, before they engaged with Conformedia to provide IT support through managed service provision (MSP).  



Conformedia’s MSP provides proactive support, system management, monitoring, helpdesk, advice as well as break fix on site support for all Mac users, including iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and Apple MacBook’s.


Conformedia works closely with the IT department at the council to ensure that the Mac users are securely integrated within the overall IT strategy and software adheres to the council’s stringent IT policies. This allows Conformedia to assist with connectivity for the Macs back to the Council’s IT infrastructure as well as ensuring they remain compliant. 


The Conformedia team has a comprehensive understanding of how the Mac users work and integrate within the council network. When a new user starts, a quick call results in a preconfigured laptop delivery to site, allowing the new user to hit the ground running, in the quickest time possible.


David Rayner, Managing Director of Conformedia explains the benefits of having an external partner to provide small, internal Mac teams within larger organisations of PC users. “Apple macOS requires knowledge and a specific set of skills. It is often more time and cost effective to have an external partner to provide support, particularly when the Mac users are just a small part of a very much larger IT responsibility. We provide the Apple Mac expertise and ease the load for busy IT teams whose priority is to provide IT support to the large number of PC users.


“We also bridge the gap between the different operating systems ensuring that the Mac users can be integrated within the secure Microsoft IT infrastructure.


“Our support is twofold; we provide on the ground support to the end users whilst ensuring the team are fully integrated within the overall IT infrastructure by providing our expertise and experience of working with Mac users in secure, cross platform environments.”           


Conformedia was also responsible for delivering a bespoke cross platform centralised system in FileMaker Pro for the Communications and Marketing Service team at the council. 


David continues, “Our understanding of the working practices of the Council graphics and marketing departments led us to develop a bespoke FileMaker database to manage creative marketing projects. This has been active for several years and is used by a network of remote and on-premise teams, working on Windows and Mac operating systems.”

Greg Whiteley, Creative Communications Lead at Kirklees Council outlines the benefits of outsourcing Mac support.  “The team at Conformedia arequick and responsive to all our requests, whether this is development work, or day to day requests. The team is helpful, professional, and highly competent and provides our team with the support we need to deliver high level creative work here at the council.


“David is exceptionally knowledgeable and has worked with us to develop a centralised project management system. Our marketing, communications and creative teams, can all work collaboratively, regardless of operating system, which has helped improve internal communications and productivity across the board.”


Conformedia provides support to Mac users, from small internal teams to agencies, print and publishers, 

and global creative companies with hundreds of creatives working in the office and from home. 

  • The Mac users at the council have a team of Mac experts on hand – for day-to-day support or strategic projects

  •  Internal IT teams can concentrate on providing support to Microsoft users without the distraction of Mac requests

  •  Conformedia’s practical MSP solution allows the council to scale support depending on the number of users

  •  Conformedia’s MSP support provides proactive support, system management, monitoring, helpdesk, advice as well as break fix on site support for all Mac users, including iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and Apple MacBook’s.

  •  Supply of fully preconfigured Macs – ready for immediate use

  •  MSP provides a cost effective and practical solution

  •  Conformedia provide the security patches and upgrades for the Mac users 

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