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Standardising IT saves time and increases productivity at Enjoy Digital 




Established in 2008, Enjoy Digital is a fast-paced digital agency based in Leeds which has grown quickly over the last decade. The business is an RAR recommended agency, Drum Digital Census Elite, BBC Digital Excellence finalist and Google Premier Partner. Putting customer insight at the heart of multi-channel digital marketing campaigns, Enjoy Digital prides itself on best in class technology integration. 


The company expanded, almost tripling in size in just four years, increasing the pressure on the internal IT support team. Daily queries could not be answered quickly, preventing people from working efficiently. Often new starters’ workstations were not ready for their first day and purchasing new equipment was ad hoc, disjointed and time consuming. 

Key members of the leadership team who had previously helped with IT were needed in other areas of the business and IT resources which has supported the growth of the company were no longer able to provide the necessary on the ground support.



Conformedia reviewed the systems and immediately began easing the load by taking on smaller IT tasks such as preparing new workstations and answering IT queries over the phone. It soon became apparent that this external support was bringing significant benefits to the day-to-day business. 

Standardisation was fundamental to moving the business forward and Conformedia began to play a key role in helping them to achieve this. Specifications for new IT equipment were agreed making the purchase and set up of new workstations functional, quick and easy, saving internal admin time. 

Outsourcing the day-to-day system administration was outsourced to Conformedia. Standardisation and centralisation of all computers and users into Active Directory allowed all users to be centrally managed, ensuring each system resource was in its correct place. Remote users were then facilitated with the implementation of a Radius server, with Two Factor Authentication.

Once the user and client computer management issues had been addressed, a new virtual server system was implemented, significantly increasing throughput and user performance. 

All purchases and repairs are now taken care of by the Conformedia team and a monthly support package suited to Enjoy Digital’s specific IT requirements is in place. 

Ian Fiddler, Head of Business Operations at Enjoy Digital, explains, “Originally we bought packages of hours for our IT support but as we grew it made more sense to move to a monthly maintenance contract. The maintenance contract gives us peace of mind that we have resource in place and cuts down on our internal admin. It’s a much simpler and cost-effective way for us to have the support we need to pursue our growth strategy.”

The Conformedia team has also been advising Enjoy Digital on new internal IT policies. Drawing on their experience the team has provided advice to help develop practical procedures to support Enjoy Digital’s ISO 27001 accreditation.

Ian describes why he likes working with Conformedia, “I’d worked with Conformedia before and recommended them when I joined Enjoy Digital. They’re an easy bunch to work with and very good at explaining IT. They make you feel comfortable and understanding the information is essential to making good decisions.”


  • Out sourced IT enables business leaders to concentrate on building the business

  • Future proofed IT system to support further business growth

  • IT explanations made simple facilitating good decision making 

  • Accounts are attached in one active directory, making it easier to create and close accounts

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