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Affordable press management PECOM server fix saves Print client  thousands of pounds 


Conformedia has provided this commercial printer with IT support for many years. The service contract covered the whole organisation including IT infrastructure, network, PCs, virtual servers and front ends for RIPS, CTP and proofing systems. 


Following a mains power failure, the Man Roland PECOM Press Management server failed to restart. This server provided the data to setup the press for each job, managing all aspects of the print job from ink to folding schemes. Failure to restart had a disastrous impact on production workflow.

This was an old server, built on a legacy Linux operating system. It was no longer supported by Man Roland who advised that the only solution was to replace the server and software, quoting over £50000 to do this. Arriving in the middle of the 2020 pandemic, this was not an affordable option.

The client knew Conformedia provided support across many operating systems including  Linux, and crucially they also had good understanding of the print process, so they asked them to help..


Following a thorough investigation, a faulty RAID controller and a failed drive were found to be causing the problem.  Sourcing replacement hardware was not a simple task as the server had been built using PATA 133 disks, now obsolete technology which had been replaced by SATA nearly 15 years ago.


Conformedia sourced appropriate disks; the RAID was rebuilt, and the operating system was able to boot. The PECOM software however still failed to operate.


Further investigation was hindered as the operating systems and software were configured in German.  Undeterred, the Conformedia team found a corrupted database table to be the cause and repaired and recovered the software.


A fully functioning server was then delivered to site and the PECOM system was operational within 10 minutes of reconnection.


Owing to the aging nature of the server, Conformedia delivered the server complete with 2 full system backups to deal with any future system failures.

David Rayner, MD at Conformedia, explains why Conformedia is an ideal IT partner for printing organisations. “We have considerable experience working within the printing sector so, unlike other IT companies, we understand the complexities of print workflow and the software that supports printing equipment. 


“Combining our cross-platform IT skills with experience of print workflow, we can often resolve print software issues (that have been dismissed by the equipment manufacturers) and save our clients from having to invest in expensive replacement equipment.”




The client has an IT partner who understands printing equipment and print workflow and can help increase productivity and avoid costly duplication of IT systems 


  • Conformedia’s knowledge of printing equipment software has saved the client thousands of pounds’ investment in new capital equipment


  • Since the software has been rebuilt, the PECOM system is quicker and more reliable than before


  • The client now has a fault tolerant working PECOM server, complete with backups if it fails in the future.


  • The client has an IT partner who works in their best interests

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