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Hybrid working for

The Salvation Army

Mac team are fully integrated into the M365/Entra ID environment and use single sign-on with M365


The Salvation Army is a worldwide Christian church and an international charitable organisation which helps some of the most vulnerable people in society. The UK and Ireland territory has an internal creative team which produces publications such as War Cry and Kids Alive! as well as working across audio and digital platforms. Pre-pandemic the team was office based, working on iMacs, at the head offices in London. 


Following the pandemic, the creative team were all working from home with iMacs, hurriedly taken home during the lockdown of 2020; not the most suited workstation for hybrid working as they were unwieldy and difficult to support.  Managing compliance and security was problematic as monitoring had to be a manual process of connecting to the individual workstations. 


The Salvation Army was looking to create a hybrid working environment, but it was essential that the users could be centrally managed, ensuring they could be fully supported, secure and compliant. They needed a partner who could deploy Macs into the existing enterprise networking environment and then provide ongoing support, so they approached Mac integration specialists Conformedia for help.


Conformedia designed and installed a fully managed support package. MacBooks were the obvious choice with JAMF Pro for deployment, management and integration within The Salvation Army 365 environment. Docked environments were supplied for users homes and The Salvation Army headquarters.


  • JAMF Pro facilitates zero-touch build and ongoing management, Entra ID single sign-on with JAMF Connect and 802.1x enterprise secure networking with JAMF Active Directory Certificate Services. 


  •  The Macs are registered with Intune through Company Portal, allowing the application of Intune compliance policies together with compliance feedback to JAMF via macOS Device Compliance. 


Conformedia provides ongoing management and direct support, liaising with the internal IT team where required for resource management and deployment.


The Salvation Army’s Head of Design and Print, Justin Reeves, is delighted with the solution.


“Post pandemic we needed an IT solution that would enable our designers to move to an agile and hybrid way of working rather than being chained to a desktop computer, either at home or at the office.


“The changes Conformedia have made has made it much easier to work from home or the office as I simply plug and go. Our systems are up to date, upgrades are seamless and we have access to MS and Creative Cloud software.


“We receive a lightning-fast response from the service team, and it’s great to have someone on the end of the phone who gets Macs! The team are really personable, clear and concise with their information.”

  • Hybrid working with seamless movement between home and headquarters.

  • New Macs can be deployed quickly and efficiently, using zero-touch. (JAMF Pro) Mac users were integrated into the M365/Entra ID environment.

  • Log-in is centrally managed using M365 authentication; the team can use single sign-on with their M365 credentials - simple and streamlined using JAMF Connect.

  • Machines are enrolled into Intune/Entra ID for conditional access and compliance (JAMF macOS Device Compliance).

  • Salvation Army IT are in control of conditional access policies within Intune. Policies providing oversight and control of the hybrid workers.

  • Conformedia provides ongoing software and patch management using JAMF Pro.

  • Conformedia service desk provides daily support to the creative team.

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