Microsoft 365 backup is Critical - are you doing enough?

Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) is used by over a million companies worldwide and is by far the leader in cloud-based business software. If you are one of the millions, then is it vitally important that you understand where Microsoft’s responsibility ends and your responsibility to protect your M365 data begins. Microsoft offers geo redundancy, which protects against site of hardware failures. This is not backup. If you need to quickly recover data, for example as the result of an accidental deletion or if you are the unfortunate victim of a cyber-attack, then successful recovery relies on having a robust backup system in place. Simply put, backup is the process of taking a copy of data

Bespoke Programming for Cumberland and Westmoreland Herald

What do you do when your new software won't integrate with older programmes? Learn how our bespoke programming allowed Cumberland and Westmoreland Herald introduce Xero Accounting and keep their established ad booking system. Developers at Conformedia wrote a bespoke programme to bridge both systems. This was tested extensively over a period of weeks to ensure the organisation would experience a seamless changeover. David Rayner from Conformedia explains how bespoke programming allows publishing companies to modernise. “Publishing organisations rely on niche ad booking systems to plan page layouts as part of the booking process. It’s therefore important we preserve the programmes that work w

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