Remote Working - Two Client Stories

Remote working or home working is definitely the IT hot topic for 2020. For some clients the transition from office to home has been seamless; they have the IT and systems already in place to work remotely as this has been planned as part of their wider business strategy. For others it has been more complicated, but we’re pleased that all Conformedia clients are now up and running and working remotely. In theory, all businesses would have a robust IT strategy to cover every eventuality, including a worldwide pandemic. The reality is that some do but many do not. Here are two clients with two very different IT strategies. Conformedia has helped ensure their businesses have been able to conti

Celebrating 10 years at Conformedia

Richard Twigger reflects on 10 years of Conformedia. Richard began his IT career as a systems specialist, providing technical support to IT users. Since joining David Rayner at Conformedia, over a decade ago, the business has expanded, and Richard now has a very different role. “Conformedia looks very different to when I first started here. I was originally working as a systems specialist, implementing IT systems, training users and providing follow up support. Now we have a team of specialists including cyber security experts, network and systems administrators and a fulltime customer helpdesk. My role now is focused on working with clients to understand their business needs and aspirations

Huge increase in team chat applications

Microsoft Teams has never been so popular. Even before the COVID-19 crisis the use of team chat applications rose from 2.4% to 33.3%. ( We have been utilising the tool for all our team meetings and daily update meetings. It’s user friendly (you don’t have to be an IT expert to use it) and it’s great for video calling and screen sharing. The collaborative, communications tool is free with Office 365 and lately has become a feature of many homes too, providing a platform for virtual socialising. Regular virtual nights with friends and quiz nights seem to be a popular theme with people we know. If you are considering implementing a collaborative tool such as MS Teams and need fur

FREE Sophos tools to boost security for remote workers

During the current lockdown we are all finding different ways to live and work. Sophos have two initiatives which may help your employees who are currently working from home and also boost your IT security – for FREE. SOPHOS HOME COMMERCIAL EDITION Sophos customers can get free business-level protection for their employees’ personal PCs and Macs with our Sophos Home Commercial Edition program for the duration of the COVID-19 global health concern. SOPHOS XG FIREWALL Boost your security with a Free 90-day trial of Sophos XG Firewall. If you want to take advantage of these services, then contact one of the team and we will gladly help.

Practical security tips to keep your users safe while they are working from home

Coronavirus has brought remote working to the top of everyone’s mind. With many organisations already enabling or exploring remote working, here are 11 tips from Sophos to help your users, and your company, stay secure while protecting everyone’s physical health. By Sally Adam 1. Make it easy for users to get started. Remote users may need to set up devices and connect to important services (Mail, Internal Services, SalesForce, etc.) without physically handing them over to the IT department. Look for products (security and otherwise) that offer a Self Service Portal (SSP) that allows users to do things themselves. 2. Ensure devices and systems are fully protected. Go back to basics – ensure

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