Sophos XG Architect

Conformedia's Service Manager, Cameron, has now completed and passed his Sophos XG Architect course. The Sophos Certified Architect training builds on the engineer course, giving a deeper understanding of Sophos products and technologies. Cameron explains why gaining this certification is important. “The proliferation of cyber-attacks on SMEs means that cyber security has never more important to medium sized businesses. Conformedia chose to partner with Sophos as their products are world-class and the products are ideal for our clients. The Sophos XG Architect training has extended my knowledge on how to protect our clients from daily malware and ransomware attacks, which unfortunately is a

Cyber criminals leverage fear of coronavirus

Cyber criminals are stooping to a further low and exploiting people’s fear over coronavirus. Malware disguised as educational information about coronavirus is being spread to people who are, quite rightly, concerned about the risks and looking for ways to protect themselves. Be ever vigilant for phishing campaigns (the technique used by cyber criminals to lure you to click a link which then downloads the malware/ malicious software on to your computer). Our advice is to never click on links purporting to offer advice, always use trustworthy sites to source information. Most importantly always keep your software up to date with the best antivirus protection. Prevention is always a better tha

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