IT security for mobile lifestyles

Today’s office is mobile. We take our phones and mobile devices with us wherever we go – on the bus, on the train, to the café at lunchtime. It’s a way of life and makes our lives easier. The downside is that it also makes it easier for hackers and thieves to access our equipment and our business (and private) data. New ways of working require new forms of IT security and this is a great graphic to show how the world has changed and some of the ways we can protect ourselves and our businesses.

Are you getting good value from your M365 Plan?

Ask yourself these questions: Do you know what is included in your current plan? Do you understand the different options available to you and have you reviewed these to ensure they are providing adequate and relevant support? Have you checked that you’re not paying twice for services? Have you thought of mixing and matching different plans to suit different people in your organisation? You may benefit from some cost savings As organisations evolve it’s all too easy to keep bolting on software to help us achieve changing needs. Coupled with this the rapid developments in technology means that software offerings are continually changing and updating. These are two very good reasons to regularl

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