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Are you getting good value from your M365 Plan?

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do you know what is included in your current plan?

  2. Do you understand the different options available to you and have you reviewed these to ensure they are providing adequate and relevant support?

  3. Have you checked that you’re not paying twice for services?

  4. Have you thought of mixing and matching different plans to suit different people in your organisation? You may benefit from some cost savings

As organisations evolve it’s all too easy to keep bolting on software to help us achieve changing needs. Coupled with this the rapid developments in technology means that software offerings are continually changing and updating. These are two very good reasons to regularly take stock, evaluate your business needs and review your software and systems.

Do you know what’s included in your plan?

Although the names have changed the Microsoft plans have fundamentally stayed the same. That said, it’s always good to check you are using the features you are paying for or making the use of ones that may have been added. We can help you understand your plan, what you are paying for and what else you could be using to help your business become more efficient.

Do you understand the different M365 plans?

Check out the other M365 plans. For very little investment your business could access features to help your workflow and streamline activity. We can help you understand what the different plans are and what’s included and get the best solution for your business from M365

Don’t pay for duplicate services

Too often we speak customers who are paying for similar services to those in M365, simply because they don’t know it’s there or don’t understand it. You may be paying for software that you no longer need as an equivalent is included on your M365 plan, for example document sharing and storage. M365 has some pretty nifty features that you may not be using to the full. We can help you rationalise your IT and get more bang for your buck.

Mix and Match

Did you know you can mix and match the M365 plans? Not all users need to have the same plan. Some employees may only need basic package which means everyone has access to appropriate features, but costs are kept to a minimum

Call the Conformedia team

We will help you to understand how the different plans can help your business now and as it grows and advise you on the plan that's best for you.

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