Conformedia has recently invested in business management platform and professional services automation tool (PSA) ConnectWise. The system is all about improving service delivery and has been specifically designed for technology teams and managed service providers like Conformedia.

Clients who wish to take advantage of the technology will enjoy increased levels of service and support, with systems being proactively monitored 24/7. Moreover, all Windows updates and security patches can be managed and deployed centrally by Conformedia, meaning customers can be sure their systems are secure and up to date all the time.

ConnectWise will provide a number of ways in which to raise support tickets, allowing customers to log their issues via their own web portal, capturing all the information from the problem device and speeding up the process of logging, troubleshooting and resolving calls. Additional functionality provides comprehensive auditing, logging and reporting on all aspects customer systems, in addition to backups, security software and their central management and monitoring.

Richard Twigger, Technical Account Manager explains further benefits to clients. “Much of the activity takes place behind the scenes, for example, we can proactively monitor customerssystemsand be alerted to issues via a support ticket that’s automatically generated in our system, allowing us resolve issues before they even occur and saving the customer valuable time and money. Put simply, ConnectWise allows us to take our service and support offering to another level!”

If you are interested in finding out more, then contact Conformedia who will be happy to discuss further.

Conformedia has been involved in the design of a bespoke AD booking system for a popular regional newspaper. The client was becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the functionality and cost associated with upgrading its previous system and therefore approached Conformedia’s development team to find a solution. Together with their development team, Conformedia has developed a complete ad booking backend allowing the interaction between Filemaker Server and Adobe InDesign Server, resulting in an end to end solution, from AD booking to press ready artwork.

The new system has all the functionality required to effortlessly process ads from order receipt to PDF and page layout enabling the client to continue to sell display and classified advertising which is central to all regional newspapers publishing businesses.

The Scoop Editorial System has received an over hall and a complete rewrite. The original editorial system, known for its reliability and ease of use, is popular with regional newspapers. Over recent years, development stopped and the Scoop system remained frozen in time, with users unable to update their computers or Pagemakeup software.

Scoop has now been acquired by Finnish company, Mediabox. The product code has been rewritten, which is great news for newspapers as the new version will now work with the latest operating systems from Apple and Microsoft, in addition to the current versions of Adobe InDesign Creative Cloud. Enhanced functionality has been added to a completely new Pagetrack and the whole product line is now built to run with a database backend, designed to run on Open Source Linux software, dramatically reducing the overall cost of ownership.

Conformedia is the only reseller of Scoop within the UK. Managing Director David Rayner explains why this investment and relaunch is important to newspaper businesses. “Scoop is still a great Editorial product, which is why so many newspapers have stuck with it, despite lack of investment over the past few years. Scoop 7 enhances on its functionality while retaining all the usability that users have come to expect from the system whilst the rewrite means that the system will now work with the latest Mac and Windows Operating Systems and essential design packages such as Adobe InDesign.

Our clients will be pleased to know that the new system can be hosted on Linux which in real terms means low cost installation. We’re very excited about the launch scheduled for May 2019 and will be contacting our clients with information about how they can benefit from these changes.”

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