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Why SMBs choose Managed IT Service Provision

A managed service provider is a third-party IT contractor or firm that delivers a set of services for a monthly, quarterly, or annual fee.

Managed IT Service Provision is an attractive solution for SMBs, primarily as it provides smaller organisations with a level of IT expertise and support, usually reserved for large organisations with extensive internal IT teams.

Reasons SMBs prefer a MSP solution

Nowadays businesses cannot function without robust IT infrastructure. Having skilled professionals on hand to develop IT strategies to support the development of the business, whilst also having access to helpdesk support for day-to-day problems, is essential for business efficiency and productivity.

MSP offers a straightforward and cost-effective solution from businesses who don’t have an IT team or who have limited IT resources. Services are tailored to specific business requirements, including IT infrastructure, support, and software licensing - in effect all your IT needs are wrapped into one service solution, from one partner, with one monthly or quarterly bill.

Budgeting becomes simpler as all IT costs are spread across the year, taking away the need for capital expenditure to renew IT equipment, and businesses have access to up-to-date technology.

IT security can be the Achilles’ heel of a small business. Hackers are increasingly targeting smaller businesses and the consequences can be devastating. Increased remote and hybrid working has opened up more system susceptibilities so keeping up with the latest security protocols is absolutely essential. A managed service provider will take care of IT system security and protect against emerging threats.

Finally, business owners are busy people. Outsourcing IT support is one easy way to free up their time so they can concentrate on the business at hand.

How Conformedia helps Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Conformedia provides a flexible MSP solution. Your IT will be secured, up-to-date and proactively supported. Systems are constantly monitored, with any issues automatically logged and dealt with. Our flexible package means that your IT infrastructure can accommodate any changes in your business – we provide all the support you need as your business grows.

Conformedia’s Tech as a Service (TaaS) plan allows you to enjoy technology, services, and maintenance through a low-cost monthly or quarterly subscription. Alternatively, we can facilitate more traditional finance through leasing and lease purchase.

If you’d like to learn more about how we are helping businesses like you, contact Richard Twigger.

T: 0113 234 1548


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