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Network Infrastructure for Zaap Thai York

Zaap Thai, authentic Thai street food chain is going from strength to strength with the latest restaurant opening up in York.

Conformedia already provides IT support for Sukhothai and Zaap Thai and were recently asked to install the network infrastructure for their latest restaurant in York. Zaap rely on fast secure internet access to allow their tills, staff and customers to connect using their fast secure WIFI. Smooth, hassle free customer transactions, business resilience and network security were all priorities.

Zaap offers a delivery service through Deliveroo, and it was essential that the restaurant’s network could integrate with their new ePOS till systems and Deliveroo, allowing them to accept online orders and streamline processes. Conformedia configured the firewall for use with their ePOS provider, Deliveroo and several secure WIFI access points. Connecting the tills to the cloud, in addition to providing diners with free WIFI connectivity for social media exposure.

Internet provision is handled by two lines, allowing for failover and resilience. Should either of the lines fail, the tills would still be able to accept and process orders.

Conformedia ensures the business has the right IT in place so the busy restaurant can concentrate on serving up an authentic Thai experience.

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