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Huge increase in team chat applications

Conformedia Vitual Team Meeting

Microsoft Teams has never been so popular. Even before the COVID-19 crisis the use of team chat applications rose from 2.4% to 33.3%. (

We have been utilising the tool for all our team meetings and daily update meetings. It’s user friendly (you don’t have to be an IT expert to use it) and it’s great for video calling and screen sharing.

The collaborative, communications tool is free with Office 365 and lately has become a feature of many homes too, providing a platform for virtual socialising. Regular virtual nights with friends and quiz nights seem to be a popular theme with people we know.

If you are considering implementing a collaborative tool such as MS Teams and need further information about working remotely then please call us. We are here to help!

What is Microsoft Teams

MS Teams is a collaboration tool which allows office and remote staff to collaborate with individuals or groups of employees within online workspaces.


Users login to Microsoft Teams the same way they login to Office 365 using multi factor authentication and secure guest access.


It is cloud based and can be accessed anywhere via the desktop or mobile application on both iOS and Android.

Office 365

Fully integrated with Office 365. It even syncs with your calendar.

Online Video Calling and Screen Sharing

Seamless, fast video calls and desktop sharing.

Chat Function

Chat can take place between teams, groups or individuals

Document Library

Documents shared will automatically save in a default document folder (SharePoint Online)

Online meetings

Hosting up to 10,000 users

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