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Adobe Ends Support for PostScript Type 1 Fonts

What is a PostScript Font?

PostScript Type 1 Fonts have been around since 1984 so it’s likely you’ll have some in your files. In just 2 months-time (January 2023) Adobe will stop supporting PostScript Type 1 Fonts. We’d strongly advise you to consider the impact this might have on your business once Adobe's support ends, and the apps you use every day no longer recognise them.

Identify and Replace PostScript Fonts

Identifying these fonts is relatively easy on a Mac or PC by using the font book app on a Mac, and the fonts control panel on Windows, but do you know what jobs or documents contain Postscript Type 1 Fonts? Applications like Extensis Connect Fonts and Connect Assets can help identify both, allowing you to start finding and changing these in advance, so not to impact your workflow once support ends.

Extensis Connect Fonts can help you identify your Postscript Type 1 Fonts and replace them with more modern alternatives like OpenType or TrueType Fonts which you can purchase or download for free from different foundries. Once you find the new fonts you would like to use, these can be added to Connect Fonts and activated so that when you discover a document containing your old Postscript Type 1 Fonts you can easily manage and replace them with the new alternatives.

If you have a Digital Asset Management System (DAM) you can take this a step further and take advantage by searching for Postscript Type 1 Fonts in your documents in advance and replace them. If you don’t already have a DAM system, then installing Connect Assets will help catalogue and identify which documents contain these fonts and then use Connect Fonts to replace and update them, saving you time.

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