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Apple Mac Support

Did you know we provide support services for businesses using Apple Macs?

It’s rare to have businesses which solely use Macs but much common to have a mix of Mac and Windows workstations; but many organisations don’t have the resources to support Mac users as well as teams of Windows users, particularly if the Mac users are in the minority. Outsourcing support for the Mac Teams offers an ideal solution, and this where the Conformedia team excel as we provide cross platform services and solutions to ensure all teams are supported, to equally high levels, and systems are integrated throughout the organisation.

As a managed service provider, we make life simple for our clients by centrally managing their machines. This helps to keep polices consistent throughout the organisation, regardless of the platform, and security is always a top priority.

We have a team of certified #JAMF professionals who connect, manage, and protect Apple devices, iPads and MacBooks to iMac and Mac Minis. By managing updates centrally, we can ensure any issues are proactively dealt with (for all users) before they become a problem for the business; and once enrolled on Apple business manager, new machines can be shipped direct the client who simply turns on their machine which then sets up automatically.

We provide support to Mac users for a range of customers including Design and Marketing Agencies, Print and Publishing Companies, Building Societies, Council Offices and Global Creative Companies. Some clients outsource all their IT to Conformedia, others outsource parts, such as support for the Macs. Take a look at some of our case studies to learn more or contact Richard.


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