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Be smart in 2022 and have a proactive IT strategy

Having a proactive IT strategy means having systems in place to identify issues before they turn into problems which could damage your business – your output, performance, and reputation. If you are looking to make improvements in 2022 here are five areas for consideration.

Preventative IT Strategies

Ensure you have robust backup procedures and that security patches are deployed swiftly and comprehensively throughout the organisation to guard against emerging threats. Many SMEs choose an MSP (managed service provider) to take responsibly for IT security. Conformedia provides a managed service provision for many clients. A centrally managed system means that security can be maintained at the highest level – policies are rolled out to users to protect clients from emerging threats.

Changes in Working Practices

With the increase in working from home and the emergence of the hybrid workspace comes an increased security risk. It is vital that employees are able to work effectively and securely, wherever they are based and therefore a robust IT strategy should include security policies that encompass remote working.

Cloud Based Technology

Renting access to IT infrastructure and data centres along with a whole range of services such as processing power and storage is becoming the norm. Access to cloud-based services is attractive as it offers scalability access to the latest technology and is an affordable solution for many SMEs who can spread the cost across the year.


Seek professional help to assess risk and deploy technical measures to prevent a security breach. Here are five layers of security – each layer adds an increased level of security to protect your organisation.

  • Anti-Virus

  • Malware and Ransomware Protection - check incoming emails for scams, phishing and stop malware from installing

  • Email Spam Filtering and Security – automatically send dubious emails to junk folders or block suspicious content

  • Firewalls

  • Device Encryption

Conformedia works with clients to mitigate the risks of losing valuable data and production downtime by assessing the risks and then tailoring a package of protective measures.

Invest in Training

Ensure employees are aware of potential threats to security from phishing. Security awareness training is key to all IT security strategies – educate employees to spot potential threats and ensure clear procedures are in place and are followed.

If you’d like to discuss how we can help your organisation implement a more proactive IT strategy or talk in depth about any of the above, please contact Richard for more information.


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