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JAMF PRO -Ideal for SMEs with Macs

We are delighted to be a JAMF MSP partner, which means we can offer enhanced services to all our Apple clients.

Until recently JAMF Pro has been an enterprise product, only available to organisations with large numbers of Macs, iPhones, and iPads. The high cost of entry, with mandatory onboarding and a minimum 25 user license requirement, rendered JAMF unaffordable to smaller organisations. This was before the launch of their new MSP programme. With the new programme, there is no longer a minimum license count so any size of organisation can leverage the flexibility and control that JAMF Pro can offer, very timely with the current switch to hybrid working.

Conformedia offers JAMF Pro as part of an MSP solution or as a flexible monthly rolling subscription, with no minimum term. This offers organisations complete flexibility to small and medium sized businesses which had previously only had access to JAMF Now, a product mainly focussed on supporting iPads and iPhones and has limited functionality for Mac and Apple TV.

JAMF Pro’s ability to push out software and scripts to devices regardless of location is a particularly powerful and attractive offering since the seismic shift to remote and hybrid working. It is a cloud managed system which allows zero touch build, configuration, and app deployment. Organisations can have complete control of their entire Apple device estate and be confident that all Apple Devices are built to the same standard, patched, and secured, even where users infrequently visit the office.

Conformedia has recently completed several projects during the Covid-19 pandemic, all of which would have been very difficult to deliver without the power of JAMF Pro. These projects included the roll out of 131 new MacBooks for a global creative business, followed by a further project where MacBooks were rolled out remotely into The Netherlands and Germany. These projects were delivered while most of mainland Europe was locked down during the winter of 2021. Take a look.

We support a wide range of Mac teams in local creative studios and commercial printers, legal, financial organisations, and councils. Teams range in size from individuals to several hundred and we provide a full support service including helpdesk, hardware, software, and security. Where the Mac team is part of a larger majority Windows organisation, we can provide cross platform support and integration, providing support and advise to internal support teams.

For more information about how we can support your Mac users please contact Richard,


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