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Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

Static usernames and passwords no longer provide sufficient security against sophisticated cyber-attacks which is why the world is adopting MFA.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) or Two-Step Verification is an electronic authentication method which reduces the risk of security breaches by requiring the user to present two or more pieces of evidence to prove their identity.

Evidence could be a pin or password, you may be notified via a different device such as a smart phone with push notifications, or via an app, or USB with a dynamically created number – or it could be something about you, like your fingerprint of facial recognition.

Evidence can be provided by an authenticator USB key or app on your desktop device, but usually it is provided with the use of a smart phone. The phone will have an app, which will prompt with a push notification or require a number to be input. The phone is then protected with biometric security, such as fingerprint or facial recognition.


One such app is Cisco’s Duo, which we have recently implemented at a high street law firm to further bolster their IT security across all internal and external authentication mechanisms. Duo can operate at many different levels, securing multiple services, and is accessible locally and remotely.

Users logging into their desktops/laptops require another layer of authentication provided by Duo. Similarly online services such as email and VPN access can only be authenticated with Duo. A service username and password is immediately followed by a Duo authentication request, provided by a smart phone push or a hardware device for the users without smart phones. The beauty of this level of security is that all authenticated services, including MS exchange are now protected with Duo MFA, regardless of the location.

Security resilience is integral to all businesses, none more so than legal firms whose requirement to secure personal and financial data is fundamental to their productivity and reputation.

To learn how we can help you give your business the security is needs please contact Richard.


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