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IT support for Mac Users

More professionals are opting for Mac computers due to their sleek design, robust performance, and seamless integration within the Apple ecosystem. Yet, many firms in the UK find it challenging to support Macs.


We would argue the only thing from stopping UK companies from providing a completely secure, productive and efficient working environment for both Mac and Windows users is not having the right expertise and IT support in place…and that’s where Conformedia plugs the gap.


Legacy Systems

Problem: Many companies have entrenched themselves in Windows-centric infrastructure. Integrating Macs and transitioning to a Mac-compatible environment may require changes and these may seem overly complex.


Solution: Conformedia specialises in Enterprise Mac integration and managing heterogeneous environments. From strategic planning and consultancy to hands-on technical support. We work with companies including marketing and media agencies, print companies, charities, local government and financial institutions, providing all levels of support from fully outsourced managed IT to specialist integration consultancy.


IT Expertise

Problem: Most IT professionals in the UK are more familiar with Windows centric environments running predominately Windows operating systems. Mac expertise is usually obtained in passing, resulting in a skills gap when it comes to their in-house management, integration and support.


The skills gap often leads to longer resolution times and the segregation of Mac users into isolated pockets, sitting on the outside of managed networks.


Solution: Having a managed service provider, MSP,  with a Mac / Windows specialism really pays dividends. MSP is a great solution, ensuring your systems are fully managed, secure, up-to-date and proactively supported, regardless of the platform.


·      Helpdesk and remote support.

·      Flexible packages to accommodate onboarding full managed support to specialised Mac support.

·      Easing the load for internal IT teams.

·      Enterprise level integration support.

·      JAMF Pro enterprise level service provision. No minimum user requirement.

·      Intune device management


Security Concerns

Problem: Although Macs are known for their robust security, integrating them into a predominantly Windows-centric environment can pose challenges. Enterprise networking with 802.1x, certificates and device compliance can be difficult to understand and manage when Mac support is not your main area of expertise.


Solution: The team at Conformedia have extensive knowledge of managing Mac security and can provide the skills to enable all Macs to participate in secure networked environments. Mac specific policies can be created to ensure device compliance, regardless of user location.



Despite these challenges, the demand for Mac support continues to grow. Many firms with internal creative teams use Macs (printing, financial sector, marketing and media).


The advantage of having specialist IT support means that firms can successfully navigate these hurdles and unlock new levels of productivity, innovation, and employee satisfaction.


Embracing a mixed OS environment not only prepares businesses for the future but also demonstrates a commitment to providing employees with the best tools to excel in their roles.


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