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The Big Switch Off is coming

By 2025 BT Openreach intends to switch off traditional landlines, which means now is the time to think about switching over to the alternative - VoIP, Voice over IP – routed through the Internet.

Providers will stop selling PSTN, the traditional public switched telephone network; this would be commonly your landline that currently provides you with telephone and landline services. ISDN products in 2023 and by 2025 PSTN will be completely phased out.

How does VoIP work?

Voice calls are transmitted over the internet using your broadband connection. This is a much more flexible approach to making calls and is therefore becoming the telephony industry standard.

Why VoIP is better than traditional landlines

1. VoIP is scalable and can support your business as it grows

2. It is a flexible solution that doesn’t tie you to one physical location – perfect as the world embraces remote and hybrid working

3. No initial on ongoing maintenance costs… great news as we are all seeing costs rise across the board

4. This is a future proofed solution

This change is happening so now is the time to plan your move. Keep an eye out for when fibre broadband becomes available in your area or ask Conformedia to check for you.

We’re here to make your transition smooth and hassle-free so give the team a call to arrange the change.

Don’t leave it too late – act now and be business ready for the Switch Off.


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