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Celebrating 10 years at Conformedia

Richard Twigger reflects on 10 years of Conformedia. Richard began his IT career as a systems specialist, providing technical support to IT users. Since joining David Rayner at Conformedia, over a decade ago, the business has expanded, and Richard now has a very different role.

“Conformedia looks very different to when I first started here. I was originally working as a systems specialist, implementing IT systems, training users and providing follow up support. Now we have a team of specialists including cyber security experts, network and systems administrators and a fulltime customer helpdesk. My role now is focused on working with clients to understand their business needs and aspirations and then to specify the IT systems to support them achieve their goals. It’s a great job as I am involved from concept right through the implementation."

Richard explains how SME clients are benefiting for the advancements in technology. “The most significant development over the past 10 years is the improvements in technology from a support perspective. In the beginning the support tools we used were quite basic, for example VNC, which was great, but still a little cumbersome and time consuming. Then came Team Viewer allowing us instant access to customers machines at the click of a button and for us was a game changer, allowing us to support businesses far and wide more quickly and easily from wherever we happened to be. Now we use cloud-based PSA system ConnectWise, which gives us streamlined access to our client’s systems including asset tracking, RMM tools, pro-active monitoring and reporting all at our fingertips providing all the information we need about our customers infrastructures and in most cases fixing problems before they even occur! Not only saving us time, but more importantly saving our customers valuable time and money!”

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