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Reasons to Use a Password Manager?

Password Manager
Reasons to use a Password Manager

Everyone hates passwords – they’re annoying but essential as your cyber security depends on having strong, unique passwords. Cyber criminals use a range of sophisticated methods to crack weak passwords, opening up your system to a potential cyber-attack – or they simply buy them from the dark web.

Human error is one of the weak spots in IT security, mainly because people struggle to manage many passwords, often repeatedly reusing the same password or varying it slightly with the addition of a digit. These are often weak and easy to guess.

So there needs to be a balance between useability and security, which is where a password management solution comes into play.

We’ve recently implemented a password manager, Keeper for one of our clients, to help protect them from ransomware attacks.

Keeper provides:

· Unique passwords for every user.

· Stores passwords securely.

· Ability to legitimately share them with colleagues when required.

An added bonus it that businesses that purchase Keeper can also offer Keeper for personal use for members of their family.

Many user passwords are readily available on the dark web. Keeper provides a simple scanner tool, allowing users to check if their passwords have been compromised.

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