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Microsoft 365 backup is Critical - are you doing enough?

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Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) is used by over a million companies worldwide and is by far the leader in cloud-based business software. If you are one of the millions, then is it vitally important that you understand where Microsoft’s responsibility ends and your responsibility to protect your M365 data begins.

Microsoft offers geo redundancy, which protects against site of hardware failures. This is not backup. If you need to quickly recover data, for example as the result of an accidental deletion or if you are the unfortunate victim of a cyber-attack, then successful recovery relies on having a robust backup system in place.

Simply put, backup is the process of taking a copy of data and storing it in another location, where is can be recovered if needed. We rarely work in isolation and a comprehensive backup system will ensure that this extends beyond the individual user to cover groups, shared work, calendars etc. In this way the whole work can be recovered and restored, and business can continue as usual.

Information Technology Company Veeam lists 6 Reasons why backing-up M365 is critical:

  1. Accidental Deletion

  2. Retention Policy Gaps and Confusion

  3. Internal Security Threats

  4. External Security Threats

  5. Legal and Compliance Requirements

  6. Managing Hybrid Email Deployments and migrations to M365

Choosing a partner to provide M365 will ensure you have the right security and backup in place should you need it, keeping your data secure and protecting you from a ransomware attack.

We provide a fully managed service that gives you comprehensive backup and replication for your Microsoft 365 suite. Managing your backup centrally assures you that the correct and consistent level of backup is being delivered to ensure a full recovery of all technology, including individual data if needed.

Contact us for an informal chat and see how we can help your business.

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