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Operator Connect

If you’re using M365 and Microsoft Teams then you can sign up to Operator Connect; this means you can use MS Teams for all your calls which could save you money every month as you’ll no longer need a phone line.

With everyday costs rising it’s good to know there are opportunities for businesses to make savings and this is an easy to implement initiative.

You’ll get 2000 minutes per user with flexible usage, so your high-volume callers can take advantage of the pooled minutes. If you still need more minutes, you can add these.

What is Operator Connect?

Operator Connect is a new operator-managed service from Microsoft that provides seamless calling between public switch telephone network (PSTN) and VoIP using MS Teams.

  • You can call a standard (PSTN) phone number from Teams; one comprehensive telephony solution for your business

  • You can assign telephone numbers to your users

  • No need for a physical phone system

  • Carrier grade reliability

Give the team a call today and start making savings on your calls.T: 0113 234 1548


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