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Tech as a Service is great for SMBs

Although technology is the key to increased efficiency and competitive advantage, having the capital expenditure to buy the latest IT technology can be a strain on micro businesses and SMEs, and is therefore often low on the list of priorities for investment.

Tech as a Service, TaaS, is an excellent way for small and medium sized businesses to access the latest IT technology and support needed for them to grow and remain competitive. It provides access to up-to-date hardware and software, security and collaborative tools and also includes IT services and support. All IT aspects are wrapped up in a monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription plan. One solution, one partner, one bill.

There’s no need for large capital investments. Instead, you can access the technology, training, services and maintenance support and save around 30% of total cost of ownership, plus the VAT can be spread over term -and all payments are 100% tax deductible.

It’s a great way to manage cash flow.

Finally, having the flexibility to return, renew or purchase equipment allows businesses to scale when needed and at a pace to suit their growth.

If you’d like to know about Tech as a Service, or the other managed services we offer, please contact Richard Twigger.

T: 0113 234 1548


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